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Matt Bertram

Matt is a Melbourne based Actor, Singer, Director and V/O Artist. Matt trained at the National Theatre Drama School and graduated in 2016. From then on Matt has been working on various films, tv and theatre. He has a large passion for the performing arts. He also has a love for sports especially basketball which he played for many years at a high level. 

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In the process of settling some projects TBC

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FBI 2.0  - ASAC JJ Evans - UGC - 2021

Much Ado About Nothing - Benedick - SOOT - 2021

Her Hour Upon The Stage - Macduff - Shakespeare Jeans - 2019

Twenty Something - Josh - Allistair Company - 2019*    

When Hedy Met George - George - SOOT - 2019

As You Like It - Oliver/Corin - In The Park Productions - 2019   

By The End Of The Year - Bernd/Walter - BYTE - 2018

A Room With A View - George - SOOT - 2017                   

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Flute - GJ Productions - 2017

GORExWEBB - Clown - NTDS Grad Company - 2016     

The Man Who Came To Dinner - Beverly/Stanley - NTDS Grad Company - 2016

The Crucible - Putnam/Willard - NTDS Grad Company - 2015

*Winner of the Peoples Choice Award at 2019 Melbourne Fringe 

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Musical Theatre

Heathers, The Musical - Ram Sweeney - GJ Productions - 2018
Beauty and the Beast - Gaston - Alpha Shows - 2017 
Legally Blonde, The Musical - Ensemble/Dad - Lyric Theatre - 2015

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Love Hurt - Stan - Lexi - 2021

You Bet Her Sweet Life I Will * - Gordon - Student Film - 2018      

30 Min of Danger (VR) - Police Officer - Happening Films - 2018   


Four N Twenty - Tradie - Interrogate - 2019

Jeep - Surfer - NB Content - 2017         


Aperture - Oliver - Emerald Swan - 2017    

*Nominated for best Comedy at Sun Setting Film Festival & accepted into London Film Festival

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We Will Rock You - Nillumbik Youth Theatre - 2021
All Shook Up, The Musical - Nillumbik Youth Theatre - 2019

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"Matt’s performance is spot on. His character is full of genuine playfulness and physicality with a tenderness just below the surface of his relentless I-don’t-give-a-damn masculinity."

"The high impact roles were that of the jocks, played by Matthew Bertram and Dean Robinson. Clearly, these boys enjoyed their roles and were very intimidating (particularly Bertram) when bullying others. They also had a number of extremely funny sexualised jokes that they were able to execute with hilarious results, and they too participated in the previously mentioned cafeteria fight, which was a great highlight."

"Macbeth and Macduff (Matt Bertram) are both fierce and determined discussing their duties as noblemen and their rights of passage as men, as Macbeth’s bloody reign comes to an end."

"My favourite buffoon in the piece is Bertram as Corin. Too funny by far!"

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0429 334 453

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